Gayle Garner Roski

A native of Los Angeles, Gayle is in love with her native city and with watercolor. It is a “medium of magic,” she says, because with watercolor you never know how it is going to come out.” Roski studied fine arts at USC and with sketchbook in hand; she put her vibrant watercolors to work with images from her extensive travel and global adventures. She is an avid diver who once visited the Titanic in a Russian submersible and who has also climbed to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Her watercolors have been exhibited in galleries and museums from Southern California to Scotland. She is a juried artist in the Autry Museum’s Annual Masters of the American West. She also serves on the executive boards of the Los Angeles Cathedral, the California Art Club, and USC’s School of Fine Arts, which bears her name. She often creates a series of paintings on a single subject from objects and scenes she has encountered on her global travels. Gayle has illustrated five books and is currently working on series of paintings depicting her favorite scenes around Los Angeles, which will also be published as a book when complete.


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